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Impact of ASSURE on ERAU Academics

The research conducted by ASSURE will have a major impact on the future of pilot-and-crew training for UAS operations.

Programs like the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft System Sciences (BSUASS) on the Daytona Beach Campus and Prescott Campus have been on the leading edge of UAS operator and crew training. This expertise is one of many factors that supported the FAA’s selection of the ASSURE team.

The research conducted by ASSURE and ERAU faculty and staff will provide guidance to the FAA helping to establish training requirements and certification standards for UAS pilots and their crew. As ERAU conducts this research, it has the opportunity to directly apply lessons learned to the classroom enhancing the program over time.

Assure UAS Embry-Riddle

UAS Simulation Laboratory at ERAU-DB.

Impact on UAS engineering:

Engineering research opportunities under the Master of Science in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Engineering (MSUASE). The MSUASE program is focused upon developing cross-disciplinary engineers capable of addressing the engineering challenges of UAS as complex systems comprised of airframe, data link, sensors, detect-and-avoid technology, automation/guidance, navigation, and control, and the ground control station.

Through ASSURE, faculty will develop and expand research programs addressing research needs for each of these sub-systems and the application of UAS for civil uses. Students in the MSUASE and the College of Engineering will have opportunities to support this research providing critical experience to support their careers in industry or further academic studies.

Assure UAS Embry-Riddle

Student research and academic activities within the College of Engineering provide hands-on experience.

How can I learn more?

This website will be a communication hub for ERAU’s activities with ASSURE. It will feature press release, technical reports, blog entries, contact information, and project summaries.

Our Twitter feed @ASSUREuas_ERAU will share current and relevant news articles and updates related to UAS integration into the national airspace system, their impact on society, and any articles that showcase how exciting UAS can be.

Dr. Richard S. Stansbury, ERAU Director for the ASSURE office, can be reached at stansbur@erau.edu or by phone at (386) 226-7923.

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  1. Ryan Grigson July 29, 2019 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    My son wants to operate drones for a living. This looks like a wonderful program and great that there are opportunities to continue for a Master’s degree.

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