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Introduction to ASSURE and ERAU’s ASSURE Office

What is ASSURE?

ASSURE or the Alliance of System Safety for UAS through Research Excellence is a multi-university center designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as its Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

FAA Centers of Excellence conduct research of great importance to the FAA. The Center expedites the process under which the FAA can award grants and contracts to address its technical mission. The center itself must generate a one-to-one match for every dollar received from the FAA with non-federal monetary and in-kind contributions.

Assure UAS Embry-Riddle

ERAU is supporting research in UAS maintenance requirements and maintenance training standards.

How is ERAU involved in ASSURE?

Under the ASSURE organization, ERAU is a member of its executive board with leadership in the area of Air Traffic Integration. As such, ERAU is responsible for coordinating research tasks related to airport ground operations, UAS traffic management, and ATC interoperability.

ERAU is co-lead with Kansas State University – Salinas in the area of pilot and crew training. This research area involves the development of crew training, performance and test standards for pilot certification (or other FAA deemed approvals) for those involved with ensuring the safe operation of a UAS as part of its flight and ground crew. Topics include:  airmen certification standards, visual observer training / requirements, UAS maintenance training / requirements, etc.

ERAU is working closely with Drexel University supporting tasks involving human factors research. Currently, several whitepapers have been submitted for potential projects involving human factors for pilot/crew training and assessment of ATC workload. This is a unique blending of capabilities across ASSURE member institutions.

ERAU is capable of supporting and has proposals submitted for all areas of research under ASSURE. Notable areas of research support include: detect-and-avoid, outreach, business/economic studies, command and communication, low-altitude operations, and noise mitigation.

Assure UAS Embry-Riddle

UAS flight management system and GCS simulator at the NEAR Lab provides modeling and simulation opportunities.

What is the role of ASSURE office at ERAU?

At ERAU, an office has been established to support UAS research under ASSURE. Dr. Richard S. Stansbury is the director of that office. It is the office’s responsibility to coordinate proposals and research collaborations between ASSURE partners and faculty/staff across the three ERAU campuses.

The ERAU ASSURE office collaborates with many ERAU organizations to ensure that it can effectively support its research goals. It is coordinating with Corporate Relations and Development to establish partnerships with industry. It coordinates with the Office of Sponsored Research Administration to coordinate proposal development and the establishment of contracts and other binding documents with our partners.

Lastly, the ASSURE office is supporting ERAU’s outreach and education efforts in the areas of unmanned and autonomous systems.

How can I learn more?

The new https://assureuas.erau.edu website will be a communication hub for ERAU’s activities with ASSURE. It will feature press release, technical reports, blog entries, contact information, and project summaries.

Our Twitter feed @ASSUREuas_ERAU will share current and relevant news articles and updates related to UAS integration into the national airspace system, their impact on society, and any articles that showcase how exciting UAS can be.

Dr. Richard S. Stansbury, ERAU Director for the ASSURE office, can be reached at stansbur@erau.edu or by phone at (386) 226-7923.

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